Traffic Barricades (Traffic Barriers)

Traffic Barricades (Traffic Barriers)
Traffic Barricades (Traffic Barriers)

The Road Runner - Model R-UT 66 - Water Ballasted Temporary Traffic Control System

Need to guide vehicles or pedestrians or block access?

Traffic Barricades (Traffic Barriers)Save time and money with 'RoadRunner' model R-UT 66
water fillable traffic barricades.
  • Factory direct prices
  • Large inventory
  • Fast service
'The barricade engineered with users in mind.'
OUR GUARANTEE... 'Road Runner' R-UT 66
temporary work zone barricades are easy to handle and fast to position, move and retrieve. Your investment in 'Road Runner' traffic barricades will result in lower owning and operating costs than any other visual guidance device of its type.
Traffic Barricades (Traffic Barriers)

Traffic Barricades (Traffic Barriers)

'ROAD-RUNNER' portable plastic traffic barricades are more effective, more safe and more stable than drums, posts, cones and other types of temporary barricade. Totally recyclable.

'ROAD-RUNNER' traffic barricades are visually more substantial and command the respect of drivers.

High visibility alerts drivers sooner to safety hazards ahead.
Linear design makes a positive visual separation between vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians.

Optional water or sand ballast can be added to 'anchor' barricades in place.

Positive stacking saves up to 80% in transportation, storage and handling costs:
270 units, or over ¼ mile of continuous barricade can be shipped on one 53 ft. truck.

  • 66” long, 38” high, 30” wide – tough polyethylene (71" - 1800mm overall length including tongue.)
  • Weighs 53lbs empty, maximum 213lbs water filled.
    Note: Barricades must weigh no more than 100lbs each when used on Federal Highways
  • Hand lift pockets at each end make light work of any job - saves on back injuries.
  • Align in straight lines or in curves down to 30 ft. radius.
  • Very low centre of gravity means high stability: 12” from base when empty, 5” from base when water filled.
  • No bulging of sides when water filled.
  • Custom signage and flashers easily applied.
Traffic Barricade Diagram
(no ballast)
Height 38"
  Water capacity 160lbs
Width 30"
  Max. ballast US Highways 45lbs
Stacking height +7"
  Color choice Orange
or White

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'Road-Runner' barricades: No hidden costs - just hidden savings!

Traffic Barricades (Traffic Barriers)


Traffic Barricade Applications

• Temporary hazards, closures
• Lane delineation, tapers, rerouting
• Sidewalk detours
• Sports, special events, crowd  control
• Parkades/parking lots
• Terminals – ferry, freight, airport
• Emergency response, evacuations
• Toll booths
• Fire, police, security


Traffic Barricade Affiliations

Federal Highway Administration
American Traffic Safety Services Association American Traffic Safety Services Association
ATSSA Convention and Traffic Show February 2009


Testing & Approvals

NCHRP 350 Test Level 3-71 (60mph)
(National Cooperative Highway
Research Program)Level II Workzone
Traffic Control Safety Barricade

Federal Highway Administration
(FHWA) No. WZ-170
(See certification on menu bar.)

Central Contractor Registration (USA)



Barricade Testimonials

“Just want to thank you again. Our client received the barricades about a week ago and just love them. ”
-Government Products, CO

“A very nice professional product, just the type we’d like to offer.”
-Barricade company, MS

“We love the barricades, they are perfect.
-Township, MA

“We are happy with them. They are working out great.

-Hospital, NB
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